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5 things COMPANIES should do after an employee RESIGNS

op 5 things COMPANIES should do after an employee RESIGNS (writing this much needed post after several requests)

1. Don’t change your attitude when someone resigns. Treat them with respect as you did before. It’s not true that employees become unprofessional after they resign. Remember, treat them well to be treated back well.

2. Don’t take it personally. Arguing/becoming rude is not good. There could be several reasons why an employee is moving on. Don’t announce publicly that you are relieved a bad performer is moving on.

3. Try to hold them back if they are key to company’s success. Understand what went wrong & sort things in your team. Good employees deserve a counter-offer for your own sake.

4. Don’t make their lives miserable. Make it easy for them to do a smooth handover/KT. Don’t burn bridges. Your success is when an ex-employee one day comes back to join you.

5. Bid farewell in a nice way. Appreciate their contribution. Tell them they will be missed. Congratulate on their success for the next job. Bottomline-A company’s true #culture & values are tested when an employee is parting ways. Send them off with dignity. Wish them luck & take pride in their success. Only then you will get the same consideration from employees.


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