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The announcement of the iPhone X is possibly the most talked about topic on the internet today. And if you look at the reactions, you’ll notice that there exists a huge divide in how two different groups perceived the launch and the news of the iPhone X. The first, is the tech community. The most vocal of the lot. And the second, is the general public. The most important of the lot. While the tech community is up in arms about how this isn’t a revolution but only an evolution in the smartphone category,

how Face ID isn’t practical, the battery life isn’t all that better, it isn’t truly edge to edge and the black bar on top is distracting and cuts off content – the general public is talking about something entirely different. They’re talking about the front facing camera with a portrait mode for amazing selfies, and the animojis for fun conversations. Two things that the tech community thinks is gimmicky and signals the demise of innovation and what tech companies should focus on. But with a billion iPhones in circulation, who should Apple listen to? Who should they cater to? The ever-changing and never-satisfied whims of the armchair tech experts? Or the general public, that will splash out $1,000 on the phone because they want better selfies for their social media? – Barath Goyal

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