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How to protect against cyber security attacks

Any one of these cyber attacks can be easily implemented if your organisation does not have the proper cyber security in place. It is vital to assess your organisation’s level of cyber security in order to see where your weaknesses are, and how you can ensure that you are fully protected. Have a look The most effective strategy to mitigate and minimise the effects of a cyber attack is to build a solid foundation upon which to grow your cyber security technology stack. Solution providers often tell their clients that…

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Different types of cyber attacks

A lot of organisations have experienced cyber attacks, but how are they actually hit? There are many types of cyber attack, and the one the criminal hacker chooses depends on what they are trying to do. Some want data, whereas others want a ransom to be paid. Have a look The most common types of cyber attack are malware and vectors. Malware is designed to disrupt and gain unauthorised access to a computer system. There are the main forms: Ransomware Ransomware one of the fastest-growing forms of cyber attacks and has been…

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