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7 New Features of LinkedIn which we Cannot Miss Out

Online marketing is something which possess the tendency of globalizing a particular person and a trend. You may not be an active user of LinkedIn but even its minimal use can increase your SEO and can rank you among top LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn currently being the world’s biggest professional networking platform is something that provides every basic to all its users. LinkedIn was primarily used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and the seekers posting their CVs. It stills holds the mainstream responsibility of connecting the users to different…

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stories of interview

Yesterday a candidate was rejected by the interview panel in a telephonic interview at my company. Reason was absurd to say the least! He was taking help of another person and answering tech questions. Probably he thought he was on mute, but the panel could hear everything. Some time back, another candidate on Skype video interview was googling & typing responses. Have a look I’m left wondering why is this happening. First of all, an interview is a 2-way decision making process to be used by both parties to see…

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