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Yesterday a candidate was rejected by the interview panel in a telephonic interview at my company. Reason was absurd to say the least! He was taking help of another person and answering tech questions. Probably he thought he was on mute, but the panel could hear everything. Some time back, another candidate on Skype video interview was googling & typing responses.

I’m left wondering why is this happening. First of all, an interview is a 2-way decision making process to be used by both parties to see if there is a good fit. Use this opportunity to understand how both will benefit by working together. If we are not honest with eachother, then what’s the point? You’ll be setting up yourself for failure. Because sooner or later, people will understand what you bring to the table. You would have wasted your valuable time, it will hurt you the most. In my opinion, honesty & transparency are best ways to deal with interviews. Companies are not looking for perfect answers or out-of-the-world IQ, they are looking for smart & well-rounded individuals who genuinely will help them succeed.

Show your passion, thought process in the interview, don’t try to be someone else. Trust me, it will work. Is this a rare occurrence or it happens often? Share your stories & how to deal with it.

Vishwas Mudagal – CEO Of Goodworks

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